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Tourist Attractions in Barisal | You shouldn’t Miss

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Barisal Division is considered by the branches of the Padma that edge over it to the Bay of Bengal, creating a confusion of waterways. This huge, flat region has little to give in historical monuments, but in many ways, the Barisal division is a typical example of a beautiful place in Bangladesh. Tourist Attractions Barisal division lies south of the Dhaka division, and the Khulna division forms its western boundary. To the east flows the silt-laden lower Meghna River building huge island in its full channel as it swallows others. At the southern tip of the division is Kuakata- a vast, sandy beach boasting coconut groves, a Buddhist temple, and tribal communities are the main Tourist sights in Barisal division. There are many places of Tourist sights in Barisal division. In this article, you read about the Tourist destination in the Barisal Division in detail!

Kuakata beach is the chief Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division. It is one of the two sea beaches in South Asia where both Sunrise and sunset at sea can be observed.

This city is known as the Venice of Bengal Barishal town has five districts, and they are

Barguna, Barisal, Bhola, Jhalokati Patuakhali, Pirojpur. Other districts around it are Bhola and

Lakshmipur districts on the east edge, Zhalokati, Pirojpur, and Gopalganj districts on the west corner.

Madaripur, Shariatpur, Chandpur, and Lakshmipur districts on the north, Patuakhali, Barguna, and Jhalokati districts on the south. It is 142 KM from Dhaka.

In Barisal Division, Kuakata is the second largest sea beach, is situated in the southern part of Bangladesh, where both Sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed. Even it is a spot of rare and unique beauty that has the excellent potential to become one of the essential tourist attractions of Bangladesh. The objective of this analysis is to analyze the current fee of tourism in Kuakata, including the available facilities, expectations, and requirements of the tourists and their interests. For this research, a survey with a sample of 35 people was conducted, and the results are explained through MS Excel. The results show that lacking in marketing and promotional plans is the leading cause of the current challenging job in the tourism industry in Kuakata. The modern research investigates the destination joy of Kuakata province, so this gives a more contribution to tourism and kindness management treatment and enterprise practitioners.

Barisal District is in south Bangladesh and is also the headquarter of the Barisal Division. Earlier the district was called Bakerganj, which was founded as a district in 1797. It was a municipality from 1876 to 2002 and updated to a city corporation in 2002. Barisal was declared a division on January 1, 1993. Barisal district consists of one city corporation, five municipalities, 66 wards, 111 mahallas, ten Upazilas, 86 union parishads, 1147 Mouzas, and 1175 villages. Ten Upazilas are AGAILJHARA, BABUGANJ, MULADI, BAKERGANJ, BANARIPARA, GOURNADI, HIZLA, BARISAL SADAR, MEHENDIGANJ, WAZIRPUR.

Tourist Attractions in Barisal

In Ancient name, Barisal was a kingdom Chandradwip. The capital of this country was at Bakla. The founder of the country was Danuj Madhav and Danuj Mardhan Dev. Then in the British period, it became a district and named Bakerganj. After all, now it is the Barisal district.

Cricket and football are the two most popular sports in Barisal while tennis and kabaddi are also popular. There is a national stadium in the city known as the Barisal division stadium, also known as Abdur Rab Serniabad Stadium). It is a multi-purpose arena and has a capacity of 15,000 (15k) viewers. It is currently used mostly for cricket matches. It is also used for football and other sports, besides different organizations share to stage a show there occasionally. Notable players from Barisal who have played for the national team include many national players.

Barisal River Port is the second largest river port in Bangladesh. It’s the most popular way of communication for the people of Barisal to Dhaka, the capital city. It is also an accessible transport system with other districts like Bhola, Barguna, Lakshimipur.

Barisal is connected to most other regions of the country via the N8 National Highway. There are a few of bus terminals in Barisal, Nathullabad Central Bus terminal and Rupatali Bus Terminal, and so on. Many busses are also connected to other districts.

Kuakata Beach

Kuakata beach is the leading Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division. It is one of the two sea beaches in South Asia where both Sunrise and sunset at sea can be observed.

A beautiful beach with sunrise and sunset views.

Kuakata is on the Bay of Bengal, and waters are filled by the great rivers which flow from the north. The waters are not the primary tropical colors you demand in the tropics. Still, the beach is pleasant. There are wooden furniture chairs. The beach is right at the end of the main street in Kuakata, and so it’s very easy to walk from any hotel. You can Also enjoy four days in Kuakata, including the beach. Right on the beach is a Tourist Shop where you can sign on for small boat trips to places in the Bay of Bengal. The beach is a tranquil and beautiful one in Bangladesh. These Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division that You can watch both Sunrise and sunset fro the same beach. You all must Enjoy a lot on the beach as well including the boat trip in the eastern part of Sundarbans.

Kuakata Upazila

A charming surprise right on the Bay of Bengal. Attractive Kuakata is the end of the line, 3 hours by express bus south of Barisal, and right where Bangladesh ends on the Bay of Bengal. The town has all the appearance of Bangladesh without the horrendous traffic, including noise. It is essentially one long Main Road leading down to the beach. Along with it are hotels, restaurants, tea shops, barbershops that give facials, and massages. The Bay of Bengal waters is not pellucid tropical, but clean. The beach is deep and wide, with wooden loungers and umbrellas (about 50 US cents an hour). There is a market right down by the beach. People are friendly and helpful. We had to get back to Dhaka to catch a plane. You can take the 9 am express bus up to Barisal, and pass the 3 pm boat back to Dhaka, getting there about 9 pm. It’s a comfortable trip.

Guthrie Mosque

One of the Islamic mosque & orphanage amazing center in Asia. The Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex is generally recognized as Guthia Mosque of Barisal; it is a mosque association Of Bangladesh with a space of 14 acres associated with the 8.30 acres of the land area of the national mosque Baitul Mukarram of the country. The Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex consists of a beautiful Mosque, an enormous Edgar, a graveyard, three lakes, and Madrasa, including an orphanage. Established on December 16, 2003. Mr. Sharfuddin Ahmed Shantu is the founder of this beautiful mosque. Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division, one of the best, is the architectural design of the masjid is outstanding. Pleasant to visit this place before and after maghrib time. That can see day & night view and lighting scene at night time moment.

Durga Sagar

It is the largest lake in the south. Durga Sagar is a beautiful place to get rid of city life. It is not so far away from Barisal City, about 10 km to go. In winter, birds from a foreign country come and stay there. I think the security of that area is not so good; it will be better not to go alone. It’s in the Babugonj Upazila and about 11 kilometers from the Barisal district. Guthia masjid is not very far from there. The water of the lake is apparent and calm. There is a small island (a bunch of trees) in the middle of the lake.

Jhau Forest

Jhau Forest in Kuakata was planted to protect the coastal area and help the fishermen survive natural disasters. Now, these are popular sightseeing areas of Kuakata. A tourist can also experience the Jhau Forest during their visit in Kuakata. It is the most popular Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division is the view of Jhau Forest situated on the east side of Kuakat locally named ‘Kawar Char’ is breathtaking. The motorcycle is excellent transportation to go there any time in the day to enjoy the human-made forest. There are also available a lot of Red Crab, charming to enjoy the moment. The best thing on a sandy beach is the Jhau bon; you will find a place to rest in a shed, sands are under the leaves of the tree, entirely peaceful. And you would find this beauty in Kuakata.

Guava floating market

The 200-year-old floating market at Bhimruli in Jhalakathi has become a tourist spot. The guava floating market is a unique market. Hundreds of tourists from home and abroad visit the place every day to enjoy the beauty of the market and its surrounding landscape. Best Natural River view you can have in Bangladesh. Trust me, and you would love to visit the Guava Market at least once in a lifetime. But it’s difficult to reach there due to its geographical location and adverse road conditions. It took almost 90 minutes to get there in my car. If you’re traveling from outside, it will take longer. Also, carry water and dry food with you. Freshwater is not available over there as it’s a rural place surrounded by rivers. Take a boat when you reach there and be there before 9 am. The market starts at 9.30 am and ends as soon as the local sell off their Guavas.

Kuakata Buddhist Temple

It is the historic temple in Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division. Kuakata Buddhist Temple is situated only four (4) kilometers away from Kuakata beach. The traveler may visit there by any vehicle. Kuakata Buddhist Statue is the most significant Buddhist Statue in South Asia. If a traveler visits Buddhist Temple, he will see the statue of Gautam Buddha, and also he will see the 200 years old wells. The traveler will find a hundred-year-old tradition and cultural heritage of traditional Rakhine tribal families and Buddhist Temple. In an ordinary neighborhood and withing an even more ordinary yard, there is a big statue of Buddha within a roof, which is as big as the statue. You will feel much joined there. Not very far from Kuakata beach, you can take a bike, or human pulled the van to reach there.

Gangamati Reserved Forest

It’s an evergreen mangrove forest in Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division. Gangamati Reserved Forest is found on the eastern edge of the beach of Kuakata. It’s an evergreen mangrove forest. Gongamotir Lake is the most attractive place in reserved wildlife in Gongamotir. It’s an additional part of Sundarbans with different kinds of trees and wildlife. Beautiful area and it is trendy to enjoy the Sunrise in the early morning. Numbers of tourists meet there in the early morning time to appreciate the beautiful Sunrise. The motorcycle is an excellent option to reach there, price about Tk. 50 for one way. In this case, any tourist can contact it on foot, so they have to start very early to reach it because it is about 5 km from the main beach area of Kuakata.

Lebur Chor

Lebur chor is found at five (5km) kilometer east of Kuakata beach. Lebur (Lemon) is locally also known as Lembur chor or ‘Nembur chor.’ The surrounded area of this chor is about 1000 acres. There are different types of trees and plants in this chor, like Keura, Geowa, Goran, Koroi, Golpata, etc. Lebur chor is the part of Sundarban, but now it is separated from Sundarban. It resides in the east edge of Kuakata. So the traveler can visit from Kuakata to Lebur chor easily. Lebur chor will be another tourist sights in the Barisal division. It is full of natural beauty, and this place is outstanding.

Fatrar Char

Tengragiri Wildlife Sanctuary is known as Fatrar Char. It is the chief Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division. Fatra’s chor is an excellent tourist place near Kuakata beach. Fatrar Char now is a division of Sundarban Forest. Fatra is a necessary and standard type tree of mangrove forest Sundarban. Now it is re-known as Tengragiri Wildlife Sanctuary. There are several boats daily leave for this forest from Kuakata Sea Beach, and it is almost 4 hours tour, including also Fishermen village. Ticket price about Tk 250 per person per journey. Passenger capacity of boat 25 to 30 passengers. There is a beautiful trail in the forest. This forest has no clean toilet facilities for a tourist visit to Tengragiri. From the Kuakata traveler may visit the Fatrar Chor. Fatrar Chor is also known as Fatrar Bon. Fatrar Bon is a fairly big forest in Kuakata. There are many Timber trees available here—the tree of this forest is sturdy and robust. And the wood of these trees is very long-lasting and also expensive. A wood business is started at that place, and these woods are supplied all over the country.

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