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Top 10 Tourist Sights in Dhaka

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Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is a thriving, colourful and congested metropolis of approximate 20 million population. Dhaka is one of the most densely populated and fanatic city in the world. It is a busy and chaotic city heavy traffic and rickshaw drives the city very slow. Sad but true, experiencing the city for the very first time can seem overwhelming.

Motijheel is the leading business area of the city. Dhaka is situated on the Bank of Buriganga which is crowded with various ferries, paddle steamers, yachts and fisherman boat. Bangladesh has many tourist sights, so did Dhaka as well.

Dhaka has been ruled by many kingdoms such as Buddhist, Hindu Kingdom, Mughal, British rule etc. Their architectural construction still alive and fascinates tourist a lot. The main tourist sights in Dhaka are Ahsan Manzil, Curzon Hall, Lalbagh fort, National Parliament House, National Memorial at Savar, Hatir Jheel, Baitul Mukarram Mosque, Dhakeshwari Temple, Baldha Garden, National Botanical Garden, Ramna Park, Dhaka Zoo, National Museum, and Liberation War Museum, Jahangirnagar University etc.

Ahsan Manzil 

Ahsan Manzil was constructed by the period of British role. The construction of the palace was started in 1859 and completed in 1872. On that time it was a used for the residence of Nawab of Dhaka. It is located at crowdy area Sadarghat on the bank of Buriganga and is famous for its magnificent stonework. There are 31 rooms, and the massive dome in the centre can be seen from miles away. Recently the building has been renovated into a museum with various displays representing its history. The building surrounds a beautiful garden. Apart from its beautiful architecture, Ahsan Manzil is famous for its gorgeous pink colour and it is a leading tourist sights in Dhaka.

National Parliament House of Bangladesh

tourist sights in Dhaka

National Parliament House of Bangladesh is located in the Sher-e Bangla Nagar, Dhaka. It is one of the most exciting sights to visit in Dhaka. The building is made of universal design unlike any other constructions in the city, also its beautiful location between gardens and waters. It is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Dhaka for its fantastic architectural design.

National Parliament House of Bangladesh is recognized as one of the largest parliamentary houses in the world. The massive structure comprises more than 200 acres of decorated grounds and attracts locals as well as tourists. Renowned American architect Louis I Kahn designed the construction, and it was completed in 1981, and the panning was begun in 1961.

Curzon Hall 

tourist places in Dhaka

Curzon Hall was built in 1904. Lord Curzon was laid its foundation. After the victory of India, the hall has been named after Lord Curzon. On that time Dhaka became the new capital of East Bengal and Assam. As intended as the town hall but later on the establishment of Dhaka University, the Curzon Hall became the part of the University’s science faculty.

Its architectural construction is a unique combination of Mughal and European designing styles. Tourist of Curzon Hall will be able to view magnificent building with green surroundings.

Surrounding the Curzon Hall is several tourist attractions like the Dhaka University the Old High Court, the Mausoleum of Three Leaders, the National Museum etc.

The hall has a significant historical value of language movement, where the students of Dhaka University in 1948 was a protest and deny to accept Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s declaration that Urdu alone would be the state language of both East and West Pakistan.

Lalbagh Fort

tourist sights in Dhaka

The Lalbagh Fort is an incomplete palace located near at the Buriganga River in the south-western part of Dhaka city. It was built in 1678 AD by the son of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb named Prince Mohammad Azam. The fort was the scene of many battles, including those that happened in the Mughal era.

It is a fragmented Mughal royal residence fortress. Prince Muhammad Azam was liable for starting the development of the fort in 1678 during his 15-month long vice royalty eminence of Bengal. The development work stayed fragmented when he was gotten back to by his dad Aurangazeb to the capital Delhi. There are several structures in the fort area.

Pari Bibi’s mausoleum is the most famous architecture of the Mughal structures inside the fort for its uniqueness. To decorate the interior, black basalt from Rajmahal Hills, white marble from Rajputana and colourful encaustic tiles have been used.

Pari Bibi’s tomb is the most significant engineering of the Mughal structures inside the stronghold for its uniqueness. To enrich its inside, dark basalt from Rajmahal Hills, white marble from Rajputana and bright encaustic tiles have been utilized.

There are several secret tunnels in Lalbagh Fort, which was used to escape from rivals attacks.

Dhaka Zoo 

tourist attractions in Dhaka

The National Zoo is situated at Mirpur, Dhaka and it is spread over a vast region of 186 acres of land. Recently known as Dhaka Zoo, this spot is home to more than 2000 creatures. These incorporate around 58 types of warm-blooded animals, 91 types of flying creatures, 13 types of reptiles, and 28 types of fish. The Zoo is administrated under the supervision of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. It is much greener tourist sights in Dhaka.

A visit to Dhaka Zoo isn’t just engaging, yet instructive as well, as guests become more acquainted with increasingly about animals and birds found in Bangladesh, only as creatures from different pieces of the world.

It is the best spot to see various wild creatures, including elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, zebras, bears, lions, deer, mandrills, and Bengal tigers. You can likewise appreciate an elephant ride or a pony ride at the Zoo. The Zoo has two lakes remembered for it which is home to numerous transient water feathered creatures in winter. A popular activity at Dhaka Zoo is going for an elephant-back ride, especially for children’s. Riding horseback is also possible.

Around 3,000,000 individuals visit the Zoo consistently. It stays open for the guests regularly from 8 am to 5 pm except for Sunday. On the public occasions additionally, the zoo doors are made accessible as per the typical timetable. The zoo authority gives wheelchairs to older and disabled guests. There is a zoological exhibition hall inside the nursery region of the Zoo.

The Dhaka Zoo authority has taken up some different tasks to improve its general norm. These include transforming the inner condition of the Zoo into a Safari Park, presenting battery run vehicles for kids, genuinely crippled and more seasoned individuals to encourage their visit, the foundation of kids leave, a dolphin corner and a butterfly leave inside the Zoo.

Hatir Jheel

Another beautiful tourist sights in Dhaka is Hatirjheel. It is a mainstream recreational spot which is situated at the focal point of Dhaka city and utilized as a transportation medium. It’s a lakefront really, and the lake streams with a 16 km street encompassing it. Gulshan-Banani-HatirJheel Lake territory is the busiest area inside the capital city of Bangladesh. It is under the Dhaka North City Corporation The region was built under Bangladesh Armed force and Śpecial Works Association’ (SWO). Hatirjheel lake zone has been changed into the transportation centre point to limit traffic blockage.  

The whole region of Hatirjheel has around four principles and four minor extensions, a few flyovers, overbridges, trails, walkway, children park, and 13 viewing decks. The individuals of Dhaka delighted in laser light show and fire-works without a doubt. It was marvellous. There are 10 – 15 thousand individuals watched this remarkable show remaining at Hatirjheel. In the wake of completing the show, they remained some additional time there. They were cheerful at visiting Hatirjheel.

Hatirjheel is a generally excellent spot for cycling. The streets of Dhaka are occupied for transports. The road turned parking lot is a significant issue for Dhaka city. In any case, Hatirjheel is a decent spot for cycling. If you have a cycle, at that point, take it and use it to travel this zone.

Baldha Garden 

Baldha Garden is the oldest botanical garden in the in Dhaka. It is located at Wari in the old part of Dhaka city. The garden is spread over 3.15 acres are contain a large number of plants, most of the plants are rare species. Approximate 670 species of plants are found Baldha Garden

At the moment Baldha Garden is managed and operated by the National Botanical Garden under the Department of Forestry. Narenda Narayan Chawdhury founded the garden in 1909, and the beautification was continued till 1962 until his death.

There are two sections of the garden one Psyche, and the other one is Cybele. The nursery is demonstrating an intriguing blend of trees and plants, for example, climbing ivy, papyrus, aloes, and numerous others. Go to the Psyche nursery to see a lily lake, amazon lotus, blue nymphets, and an immense sundial.

The garden is extraordinary both historically and naturally. But the maintenance process needs to be improved.

Jahangirnagar University 

tourists sight in Dhaka

Jahangirnagar University, situated 30 kilometres north and an hour drive from Dhaka city. If you are thinking to make a short one or half-day tour near Dhaka, then Jahangirnagar University is the perfect option for you. These beautiful grounds are brimming with life and nature, and it opens up the entirety of its serenity, particularly in winter and rainy season. It is the most beautiful tourist sights in Dhaka.

The entire grounds are surrounded by different sorts of trees and 12-13 lakes. The water highlights spread around the grounds make superb natural surroundings for the winter feathered creatures that rush inconsistently in thousands. In winter, the transient flying creatures come here to escape from the severe cold of their local nations.

Lakes, trees, least expensive Bengali food, culture, water lilies and winged animals – it sure is sufficient to breathe life into you again from the dusty city-schedule, Dhaka. The best day to visit Jahangirnagar University is weekend.

National Martyrs’ Memorial 

Tourist Sights in Savar

National Martyrs’ Memorial situated at Savar, which is 35 km north-west from Dhaka city. It symbolizes the respect for the martyrs who laid down their lives in the war of liberation 1971.

Syed Mainul Hossain, a Bangladeshi architect, planned the 46 m (150 ft) tall landmark, with its development finished in 1982. The creation of seven stable triangle structures, the history behind the history, and its representative worth make this fascination exceptional.

The entire complex is spread over a territory of 34 hectares (84 sections of land) which is again folded over by a green belt of 10 hectares (24.7 part of the area). A few mass-graves and a reflection water body are put before the landmark. When one enters the complex through the principle door, the person can see the historic pivotally, however, to arrive at it one needs to stroll through various good and bad times of asphalts and cross a fake lake by a scaffold all these speak to the battle for autonomy.

Suhrawardy Udyan

Suhrawardy Udyan is situated at near Dhaka University at in between Shahbagh & Ramna. It is previously known as Ramna Race Course ground is a national remembrance located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is named after Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy. It was a historical place where Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman delivered his independence speech in 1971.

The ‘Shadhinota Stambha” monument has been established here as well as the eternal flame to mark its significance. Now there is a green square in the park, and green trees surround it. Governments are taking some initiatives to modernize the destination.

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