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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Sylhet Division

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Sylhet Division is the northeastern division of Bangladesh. It has many historical and attractive tourist destinations. These places have many glorious memories of Bangladesh. There are many religious sites, historical monuments, martyrs monuments in this Sylhet Division. It also has natural tourist attractions in Sylhet Division that charms tourists much. The Sylhet division is full of magnificent tourist destinations.

Madhabkunda Waterfall

tourist attractions in Sylhet Division

Sylhet is a wonderful green land of nature. Madhabkunda is one of the most attractive scenic spots of Sylhet. This is one of the places where people can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Madhabkunda Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Bangladesh. It is situated in Barlekha Upazila in Moulvibazar District. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Sylhet Division.

There is an interesting history behind the Madhabkunda Waterfall. During a hunting expedition in the Patharia hills, Raja Govardhan of Gour wished to establish a resting place for the benefit of travelers. He came across a monk by the name of Madhabeshwar meditating under a waterfall. In respect of the monk, the waterfall was called Madhabkunda Waterfall.

Visitors can visit Madhabkunda either from Sylhet or Moulvibazar by road, or from Kulaura Junction by train. On the way, visitors can see the greenish beauty of the tea garden, the hills, and the zigzag road through the hills. They also can see the rubber and lemon plantations from a beautiful landscape.

Madhabkunda Waterfall is very popular for its exciting natural beauty. Big boulders, surrounding forests, and the adjoining streams attract many tourists for picnic, parties, and day trips. The most interesting time to visit Madhabkunda waterfall in the rainy season. Because in this season tourists will get the real beauty of it.

Jaflong Sylhet

Another gorgeous tourist site is Jaflong. Jaflong is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the Sylhet Division. It is situated at the border between Bangladesh and India state Meghalaya. It’s about 60 km far from Sylhet town and takes two hours’ drive to reach there. It is one of the most clam tourist attractions in Sylhet Division.

Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and rate beauty of rolling stones from hills. This place is famous for its stone collection activities. It is situated beside the river of Mari in the lap of Hill Khashia. It is the home of the Khasi tribe. The Mari river is coming from the great Himalayas which bringing millions of tons of stone boulders with its tide.

Jaflong is a hilly area of real natural beauty where hills are greenish with the forests. Lots of wild animals live in this forest, so you need to be careful to enter the forest alone.

Tourists come here mainly in winter to see the stone collecting process but during monsoon, there will be no stone collecting process. Stone collection and its processing is the main business here in Jaflong.

One of the attractions of Jaflong is “The Jaflong Bridge”. The bridge connects the two sides of the river Plain. From this solid infrastructure, anyone can have the magical look of river Plain and the hills of Meghalaya surrounding the whole Jaflong. That’s why this is the best tourists attractions in Jaflong.


tourist attractions in Sylhet Division

Bichhanakandi is one of the outstanding tourist sites in Bangladesh. It is a new tourist destination at the boundary of the Sylhet Division. It is all about waterfalls and collections of colorful pebbles in the crystal-clear river water. The water comes from the cloudy mountains to a small rock, and clean fresh water and all these things together make this place so breathable with green, mint natural views. A wooden bridge lets tourists move around from the water line to up hills. So that their domestic animals can move easily. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Sylhet Division.

From different stones to mountains, open sky, fresh clean waters all these together make Bichhanakandi is a perfectly beautiful place. And make it so attractive to native and foreign tourists. This place is so comfortable to stay around. Anyone, who comes to visit this natural charming place, usually fall in love with this gorgeous, marvelous, astonishing natural views.

Bichhanakandi is more or less alike Jaflong. It is two hours far from Sylhet town. In winter Bichhanakandi is not suitable for its visitors for due reasons. But if anyone visits there in the rainy season, they will find the natural views of Bichhanakandi. Every year a lot of native and foreign visitors visit this beautiful place to enjoy its beauty.

It’s a nice place with a wonderful environment. You can get fresh air, see the open sky with running clouds, crystal clear river water, green hills, colorful stones, and many more things. This is so amazing place. Anyone can go there with their family or can go for a study tour.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

tourist spots in Sylhet Division

One of the exciting places is Ratargul Swamp Forest in the Sylhet division. Ratargul Swamp Forest is a freshwater swamp forest located in Gowainghat, Sylhet. It is known as “Sundarbans of Sylhet”. The forest is naturally conserved under the Department of Forestry, Government of Bangladesh.

This only swamp forest in Bangladesh is located 26 kilometers far from Sylhet. Its area is 3,325.61 acres including 504 acres declared as the animal sanctuary in 2015. The forest’s name comes from the word “Rata” or “Pati” tree, used by the locals of Sylhet. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sylhet Division.

This is an exceptional place to visit. One of the very few swamp forests in Bangladesh. It’s a must place to visit for tourists. The best time for a visit is the rainy season from June to September. Ratargul Swamp Forest is a good place to visit by boats. It is so thrilling journey. Some parts are so awesome that you might stop just stop the boat and wonder to absorb the beauty around. You will find different plants and birds as well. It’s a unique place that you will remember.

Tourists mostly go to see the forest in monsoon. One needs to take permission from the forest office to visit the forest. A local boat needs to be hired to travel through the swamp forest. There is a building tower inside the forest. If you go up there, you can see the whole view of the forest.

Recently the UN marked this place as a World Heritage. This is one of the attractive and thrilling sites for tourists. People from overseas come here to visit this place.


tourist destinations in Sylhet Division

Sreemangal is an Upazila of Moulvibazar District in the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh. This is one of the popular tourist places in Bangladesh. Sreemangal is mainly famous for its tea garden. It is a very amazing place. Rain all time occurs here. Its natural scenery is very charming. Nature has adorned Sreemangal with green trees. Birds are twittering always here. It soothes one’s mind.

Once Sreemangal was the part of the Tripura State. The great Earthquake of 1897 caused a massive change in the physiography of the area. It is now affiliated to Bangladesh.

Sreemangal is known as The Tea Capital of Bangladesh. It has many popular tea gardens and tea states that attract tourists much. A large portion of “World’s Highest Quality Tea” is grown and exported from Sreemangal. That’s why it is called “The Tea Capital”.

But there is more to Sreemangal than just tea. Besides tea gardens, it has lemon groves, pineapple gardens, large rubber gardens, Lakes of Sreemangal, etc. It has green valley miles after miles. Sreemangal is a magical world-famous for nature, forests, and wildlife, which makes it another prime Bangladesh Eco-tourism Destination.

HumHum Waterfall

tourist sights in Sylhet Division

Among the beautiful patterns of nature in the world, waterfalls are one of them. Bangladesh has many attractive waterfalls which attract tourists and visitors. HumHum is one of them. The HumHum Waterfall is newly discovered in Sylhet Division. It is situated at Kamalganj Upazila in Moulvibazar District, Sylhet. Its local name is Chita Jhorna.

Its height is about 135-160 feet. The waterfall is located in a remote mountainous area surrounded by deep forest. It is an ideal place for those who love a thrilling journey and adventuring travels.

This waterfall was hidden for a long time. This waterfall has not been seen by anyone due to the dormant way and the outside of the locality. Many known trees, shrubs, bamboo, wildfires, and fruit trees have made this wondering waterfall. If you want to take the full taste of HumHum, you should visit in the rainy season.

Thousands of tourists from different places in our country visit HumHum every day. They come here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfall. It is tough to turn back the eyes from this wild waterfall. If you want to visit HumHum Waterfall, you have to go to Sreemangal first. It is possible to go to Sreemangal from Dhaka via rail or road. You will get the CNG from Sreemangal and it will take you to the Kalabon Para. And it will need to walk nearly 2.5 hours.

Lawachhara National Park

tourist sights in Sylhet Division

There many tourist destinations in Moulvibazar, Sylhet. One of them is Lawachhara National Park. Lawachhara National Park is a significant sample of the remaining evergreen forests in Bangladesh, which is located in Kamalgonj Upazila of Moulvibazar District under the Sylhet Division. It covers approximately 1,250 ha of semi-evergreen forests Biome and mixed deciduous forests Biome.

Lawachhara is about 160km Northeast of Dhaka and 60km from Sylhet. It is 8 kilometers from the town of Sreemangal. The soil of Lawachhara is alluvial brown sandy clay loam to clay loam dating from the Pliocene epoch. The climate of Lawachhara is generally pleasant to warm. The humidity is high throughout the year, and Lawachhara experiences frequent rains with occasional cyclonic storms.  

The Government of Bangladesh declared this forest as “National Park” in 1997. The forest is famous for its extinct apes. In addition to the ape, there are various species of rare animals, insects, and plants. Here rain occurs more frequently and the trees of the forest are very tall by competing for sunlight. This forest is so dense that the ground doesn’t get sunlight properly.

Biological diversity in the Lawachhara National Park consists of 460 species, of which 167 species are plants, 4 amphibian species, 6 reptile species, 246 bird species, 20 mammal species, and 17 insect species.

Lawachhara is a forest of beauty. Different wildlife is available there. Tourists can pass exciting time in this forest. This is an amazing and attractive place for thriller lover’s adventure tourists. This park is famous for its natural beauty with tropical and semi-tropical forests. It became more known to all while “Around the World in 80 days” movie shoots here.

Tanguar Haor

tourist spots in Sylhet Division

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Sylhet Division is Tanguar Haor. This is the charming and very beautiful natural scenic place in Bangladesh. Tanguar Haor is located in the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamgonj District of Bangladesh is a unique wetland ecosystem of national importance and has come into international focus.

Tanguar Haor is the largest river basin of Bangladesh. Life in Tanguar Haor is based on water. In winter the Haor becomes dry. But in the rainy season, this Haor area gets flooded every year.

The area of Tanguar Haor including 46 villages within the Haor is about 100 square kilometers is a wetland. It is the source of livelihood for more than 40,000 people. The Government of Bangladesh declared Tanguar Haor as an ecologically critical area in 1999.

Tanguar Haor plays an important role in fish production as it functions as a “Mother Fishery” for the country. This Haor is an important source of fish. There are more than 140 species of freshwater fish in the Haor. Every winter the Haor is home to about 200 types of migratory birds. This is the main attraction for tourists. The beauty of Tanguar Haor is breathtaking.

Khadimnagar National Park

tourist spots in Sylhet Division

There are few national parks in Bangladesh, Khadimnagar National Park is among them. This is a major national park and nature reserve in Bangladesh. The park is located at Sylhet Sadar Upazila, Sylhet District in the North-East region of the country. It is located mainly on the hills and is surrounded by Kalagool, Bhurjan, and Goolni tea estates.

Khadimnagar National Park is located 13 km East of Sylhet town. The area is much undulating and dissected by streams and hill spurs. The overall appearance of the forest is various patches of artificial plantations of different ages. 

The British Colonial people cleared the land for extensive tea plantations. After 1950 tree plantations of Teak, Garjan, Bamboo, Champa, Agar, Akashmoni, Eucalyptus, and Acacia Mangium were carried out by the Forest Department. The Forest was declared as a national park by the Bangladesh Government on 13 April 2006.

For the tourists and visitors, who want a complete package with camping, jungle hiking, and some tree top activities, this is the right and the perfect place for them. The climate is generally humid and warm. The park enjoys tropical monsoons from June to September every year. The soil is loamy, clay, and sandy loam at various places. Overall this is a very calm and tranquil place.

Pangthumai Waterfall

tourist destinations in Sylhet Division

There are many exciting and waterfalls in Bangladesh. One of them is Pangthumai Waterfall. It locates in the Sylhet Division. On the border of Bangladesh and India, at the very side of Meghalaya has an incredibly beautiful village – Pangthumai. It is a village of West Jaflong Union of Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet. A huge waterfall near this village whose local name is Jharkhand of Fatachari which is known to us as Pangthumai waterfall.

People of the Khasia tribe is living in this village. The village, on the banks of the Meghalaya hill and Piyain River, is probably one of the most beautiful villages in Bangladesh. This is one of the huge waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Although the fountain falls at the border of India, it is very close to the Piyain river bank, Bangladesh. At the side of the Pangthumai Waterfall, the BSF camp exists. The boundary between the two countries is divided here. There is no BGB camp here. So it is dangerous to go near the border. Be careful, if you visit this place.

The white water stream is coming down from hundreds of feet high hills. Looking away from the mountainous hillside, it seems like somebody has spread the white cloths. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the combination of the mountains and the water. Surely, you will enjoy this amazing waterfall.

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