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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Bandarban

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To get out of the daily stressful life is a dream, and nobody wants to ruin their dream times. To spend your valuable dream time in a dream place is very precious for you, we know. To Bangladesh, Bandarban is one of the first names that comes in our mind when it’s about spending the vacation. So in this blog, we got you covered ten most attractive places to visit in Bandarban. Bandarban is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

1.Boga Lake

Tourist Attractions in Bandarban

To refresh your mind and soul, you want to meet yourself first, right? The water of Boga is the mirror where you would love to see yourself. The lake has spread 15 acres of space.iIt This is a natural phenomenon. The greenery of this would make your soul and mind peaceful. 

The whole lake is so calm and soothing. The lake water looks blue by the shade of sky; it’s that much clear. The Boga lake is one of the biggest lakes in Bangladesh. 

It’s just 18 kilometres away from the Ruma Sadar Upazila of Bandarban. Every year many tourists come to visit the lake just to enjoy the view. And you would also have a delightful experience there. Boga lake is waiting for you by holding its beauty in front of you.


Tourist Destination in Bandarban

In your life, you must have wanted to touch the clouds, right? Nilgiri could fulfil this dream. You could just feel the clouds standing on a hill. Just think of it. You can also enjoy the live view of sunset and sunrise from there.

It’s over 3500 above the sea level and almost 46 kilometres away from the Bandarban. But this place worth the journey. In winter, the whole hill covers up with the blanket of cloud. Perhaps, it is the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bandarban.

Not only the clouds, but you could also experience the ethnic village called Mro village. Their unique lifestyle and different culture would give a new view of the world for sure, and usually, if any tourist comes to Bandarban, they never miss the beauty of Nilgiri.

3.Buddha Dhatu Jadi

swarna mandir bandarban

It is a holy religious place for the Buddist. In Bandarban, Marma and Mogh tribes are actively practising Buddhism for very long. Another name of this sacred place is Bandarban Golden Temple.

It is the second biggest Buddha sculpture and the largest Buddha temple in Bangladesh. It’s 10 kilometres from Bandarban. You could also enjoy the view from the hill. It is a common tourist destinations in Bandarban.

If you get lucky enough, you might experience some festive at the temple. At the top of the hill, there is also a pond called ‘The Pond of Angels.’ You must not want to miss a sacred place like this in Bandarban.

4.Nafakum Waterfall

Tourist Sights in Bandarban

Who doesn’t want to get wet in the full force of water with shaking suspense! Nafakhum Waterfall is ready to give you that thrill. Nafakum is known as the power, as well as the most beautiful waterfall of Bandarban.

Another name of this waterfall is the Remakri waterfall. It’s the branch of the Sangu river. The height waterfalls about 25-30 feet from the top. It is situated under Thanchi Upazila. It is the most trilling tourist attractions in Bandarban

The hills surrounding the waterfall looks more stunning. Because of big rocks, this place is also known as ‘Boro lPathoro’. As a tourist, You never want to miss a situation like this.


Tourist hills in Bandarban

Think of yourself 986 meters elevated from the sea level! Sounds thrilling, right? Only Keokradong hilltop could give you this experience. It is the peak location of not only Bandarban also of Bangladesh.

It’s located at Pangsha union in Ruma Upazila under Bandarban Hill District. Another name in the locality of this hill is ‘Bijoy.’ And the meaning of ‘Tajing’ is ‘Great.’ The local people’s calls are Tajing Dong as well. It is most visited tourist attractions in Bandarban

You would never forget this place from your bucket list to experience the hide and seek of the cloud with the dense forest.


Tourist spots in Bandarban

Meghla‘ is the name of a complex which one of the most visited spots for tourists. The most beautiful place around the ‘Tiger Hill.’ Both of the sites are in taking care of District Administration.

It’s like the gateway for the Bandarban hill tracks. It’s just 4 kilometres away from the town. At the top of the hill tracks, the government has created an artificial lake and safari park to attract the tourist.

7.Sangu River

Bandarban Tourist Places

I think the Sangu river has just enhanced the beauty of Bandarban. This river flows around 270 kilometres and ends in the Bay of Bengal. The source of this river is from Mayanmar, North Akram Hills. 

While cruising around the river branches, the tourists get amazed by the beauty of both of the riversides. There are hills, forests, falls which would blow your mind together. The river is also blessings for the locals because of the transportation and business side communication.

8.Chimbuk Hill

Bandarban Tourist Destination

After Tajin Dong, Chimbuk hill is the third highest mountain in Bangladesh. The advantage of the slope is that you could touch the clouds while taking the full view of the place.

Chimbuk hill is 2500 high and 36 kilometres away from the Bandarban Sadar. The way to the Chimbuk hill is the most Thrilling. A journey by the jeep would be full of a diagonal. Besides this, you would get see different villages of people practising their different cultures. 

The people there are simple like nature. At the top of the hill, you could feel yourself floating and touching the clouds. It will be a fantastic experience for every traveller.

9.Prantik Lake

Lake in Bandarban

In the first recommendation, we’ve said about the Boga lake, and Prantik Lake is another best lake in Bandarban. Tourist loves this place very much for its calmness, and they get the chance to get closer to nature more.

Trees and plants wrap the whole lake. It’s like a perfect place for a picnic or bonfire. The Prantik lake is just 14 kilometres away from the Bandarban, situated at ‘Holudia’ village.

10.Shilo Propat

Waterfall Bandarban

The place is named by the waterfall Shoilo Prophet. It.s just 4 km away from the town. The Administration of Porjoton Bangladesh maintains the whole area. There is the waterfall as well as a mini safari park, a zoo, and the most famous hanging bridge has grown over there. It is the popular waterfall tourist attractions in Bandarban.

The Porjoton Motel is very well maintained and available at a reasonable price point to stay over. In the rainy season, the flow of the waterfall becomes aggressive. The water of the lake is very transparent and Cool as well. This water is the primary source of water for four villages in Bandarban. Tourists get to see a lot of beauty at the same time from this one place.

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