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8 Attractive Tourist Attractions in Rajshahi Division

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Rajshahi is one of the famous cities of Bangladesh. Rajshahi is a metropolitan city and a major urban, commercial and educational centre of Bangladesh. It is also the administrative seat of the eponymous division and district. Bangladesh is full of attractive tourist destinations as well as Rajshahi. There are many historical and attractive tourism places in Rajshahi such as Bangabandhu Bridge, Chalanbil Natore, Sompur Maha Vihar, Puthia Rajbari Complex, Natore Rajbari, Chhoto Shona Mosque, Varendra Research Museum, Mahasthan Garh etc.

Bangabandhu Bridge

Tourist Attractions in Rajshahi Division

Bangabandhu Bridge, commonly called the Jamuna Multi-Purpose Bridge is a bridge opened in Bangladesh in June 1998. It is one of the longest bridges in Bangladesh about 5 km long. The bridge has a road and rail line on it.

 It was the 11th longest bridge in the world when constructed in 1998 and currently the 6th longest bridge in South Asia. It was built over the Jamuna River, one of the three major rivers of Bangladesh, and the fifth largest in the world in discharge volume.

Initially, the bridge was open for all the visitors, tourists, and all pedestrians since 1998. But now the bridge is only accessible using certain kinds of vehicles. It is the one of the most beautiful recent tourist places in Rajshahi Division.

If you want to visit the place, it will be better if you take your car, or hire a car. It will allow you to cross the bridge at a slow speed. Remember, it’s prohibited to stop your vehicles in the middle of the bridge.

The ramp of both the side of the bridge is attractive. There is an eco-park called Bangabandhu Eco Park near the bridge, and you can pay a visit there. This spot is very scenic for the natural beauty and wonder of the surroundings.

Chalanbil Natore

Tourist Places in Rajshahi Division

The extensive low wetlands of the junction of Pabna, Sirajgonj, and Natore are named Chalanbil. The country’s most significant wetlands are famous for its fish and native foreign birds.

The Bil has covered the massive area of Singra, Gurdaspur, Baraigram, Chatmohar, Faridpur, Bhbangura, Selenga, and Tarasha Upazila. It is most fascinating tourist attractions in Rajshahi Division

In the rainy season, the peak-perennial wave of this Bil fascinated visitors. Throughout the monsoon, on the Hatikumrul-Banpara highway, almost every day, local and foreign tourists feel the charm of the movement.

There are now vast lakes include Jaisagor Dighi, Ulipur Dighi, Tanjesh Kunjban, Naogaon Bhanusingh Dighi, Bazar Dighi, Mathura Dighi, Dhanchala Dighi, Vat Dighi of Deipur, Muniya Dighi and many others. These Dighi have now become a farm of fishery farming.

There are also Chatmohar’s Sahi Mosque, Pramath Chowdhury’s birthplace in Haripur, Rabindranath’s Kuthibari, Shah Makhdum shrine, Christian Church, Red Temple of Tarash and Binsara Behula well in Chalanbil.

Sompur Maha Vihar

Tourist Attractions in Rajshahi Division

Sompur Maha Vihar is one of the historical and tourist places. It is also called Paharpur Buddhist Vihar, which is one of the largest Buddhist Vihar in the Indian Subcontinent. This is one of the famous tourist sites in Bangladesh.

Sompur Maha Vihar is located at Paharpur village in Naogaon District. It was one of the essential Buddhist monastic institutions of ancient Bengal. The excavated monastic complex at Pharpur has been identified with the Sompur Maha Vihar built by the second Pala king Dharma Pala.

Some clay seals from the ruins bear the inscription Shri-Sompur-Shri-Dharmapaladeva-Mahavihariya-Bhiksu-Sangghasya. The Pala Rulers were devout Buddhists, and they founded several monasteries throughout their growing empire. Some of them became great centres of learning, and their reputation quickly spread throughout the length and breadth of Asia.

Buddhist Monks used to meet here to discuss different subjects apart from Buddhism. The monks from China, India, Japan, and other parts of the world come to exchange their studies on culture, politics, arts, and other faculties.

This Buddhist monastery is famous for its unparalleled architectural design. This important archaeological site was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

Puthia Rajbari Complex

Puthia Rajbari is located at Puthia Upazila in Rajshahi which is located 30 kilometres from Rajshahi town. It is an Indo-European style two-stored palace. The palace was constructed in 1895 by Rani Hemanta Kumari in memory of her mother-in-law Maharani Sarda Sundori Devi.

The Puthia Rajbari attracts a large number of native and foreign tourists. It has vast premises with many temples that attract tourists. Another interesting fact about the Puthia Rajbari is that the whole area is surrounded by a lake which acts as the boundary of the Rajbari.

Ditches surround Puthia Rajbari. The south end of an open field is where Panch Ani Palace is situated. 4.31 acres of land were used for Rajbari. The once strong walls surrounding the place are now damaged in areas.

The Puthia Rajbari is now serving as the Loshkorpur Degree College. By the way, the Puthia Rajbari is more preserved than the other palaces in Bangladesh. It is relatively protected and decorated with sophisticated architecture. That’s why the Rajbari has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

Natore Rajbari

Another historical and attractive palace is Natore Rajbari which was very famous in Bangladesh. Natore Rajbari was a prominent royal palace in Natore which is located in Rajshahi Division. It’s also known as Pagla Raja’s Palace.

The present palace of Natore is situated in the centre of the district on a total area of about 120 acres. It was the residence and seat of the Rajshahi Raj Family. Famous Queen of Bengal Rani Bhabani lived here. This palace, as well as the Natore district, were notorious for Rani Bhabani. It is still trendy tourist attractions in Rajshahi Division.

This once-stunning structure was equipped with different elegant features in its architecture like the massive gateways, large tanks, orchards, courtyards, ponds, canals, and temples. It has a reception hall, verandas, central hall and Nat-Mandap. This palace is so attractive to both native and foreign tourists.

There are six buildings, big and small, also two deep ponds and five small ponds. Two levels of fences surround the palace. The whole area is divided into two parts – the short side and the long side. Notable temples of Rajbari are Shymsundara Temple, Anandamayi Kalibari Temple, and Tarekeshwar Shiva Temple.

It also has buildings like the Rani Bhaban, Kachari Bhaban, Guest House, Madhu Rani Bhaban. Since 1998 the entire area of Rajbari has been under the control of the district administration as Rani Bhabani Central Park or Youth Park.

The Natore Rajbari is one of those treasures of the past that demand care and preservation so that it can attract more native and foreign visitors.

Chhoto Shona Mosque

Tourist Attractions in Rajshahi Division

Chhoto Sona Masjid is one of the historical and famous places for Bangladeshis. In Bangladesh, there are so many mosques, among them, Chhoto Shona Mosque is so renowned. It is located in the Chapai Nawabganj district in the Rajshahi division of Bangladesh. The mosque is situated about 3 kilometres south of the Kotwali Gate and 2 hours away from Rajshahi.

Chhoto Shona Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh. It was built between 1493 and 1519. The mosque is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Goura and Pre-Mughal architecture. During the reign of Sultan Alauddin Hussein Shah, a man named Wali Mohammad built the mosque. The mosque is mainly made of brick which was covered in black stones. The exquisite carving on these black stones made the mosque attractive. The inner and outer walls are covered with architectural design on rocks.

There are 15 domes in the mosque. One of the remarkable features is that only the outer domes are visible among these domes. The mosque has a decorated room that was built for local Sultans or officials so they can offer their prayers safely.

This place is also famous for mangoes. There are mango gardens around this mosque as well. This is a great historical place, and the mosque is magnificent to look at.

Varendra Research Museum

Varendra Research Museum is a museum, research centre, and popular visitor attraction at the heart of Rajshahi. It is considered the oldest museum in Bangladesh which is maintained by Rajshahi University. It was the first museum to be established in East Bengal in 1910 with the support of Maharaja of Dighapotia.

There are three main structures found in the existing site. The front side of the museum is structured as a load-bearing brick wall. This rectangular building has two major parts as Administration and Library. There is a residential slab for officers and staff.

The museum has historical significance and is also a heritage site of Bangladesh. The century-old museum is trendy in our country. Varendra Research Museum is the most significant museum with a fantastic collection of old and ancient monuments. A visitor can plunge into historical events. It is an excellent source of learning and revisiting former national brilliance.

Varendra Research Museum is one of the popular visitor attraction sites at the heart of Rajshahi town. The museum was started as the collection for the Varendra Investigation Society. Sarat Kumar was the founder of this society.

Varendra Research Museum is one of the best places to learn about the heritage of Bangladesh. This museum in downtown Rajshahi has a vast collection of sculpture. In this museum, there are a lot of materials from the 18-19 century. There are various types of collections; the majority of them are archaeological. People who are interested in this may visit this site.

Mahasthan Garh

Mahasthan Garh is another famous historical place in Bangladesh. It is one of the earliest urban archaeological sites so far discovered in Bangladesh. It is situated in Shibganj Thana of Bogra District in Rajshahi Division. The village Mahasthan contains the remains of an ancient city which was called Pundranagar or Pundravardhanapura in the territory of Pundravardhana. It is the oldest tourist attractions in Rajshahi Division.

Mahasthan means a place that has superior sanctity and Garh means fort. Mahasthan was first mentioned in a Sanskrit text of the 13th century entitled Vallalcharita. In 1685, an administrative decree declared the place as Mastangarh, a mixture of Sanskrit and Persian meaning fortified place of an auspicious personage.

Mahasthangarh, the ancient capital of Pundravardhana is located 11 km north of Bogra on the Bogra-Rangpur Highway, with a feeder road leading to Jahajghata and site museum. It is believed that the location for the city in the area was decided upon because it is one of the attractive regions of Bangladesh. Mahasthangarh stands on the red soil of the Barind Tract, which is slightly elevated within the largely alluvium area.

At present, there are several mounds and structural vestiges inside the fortifications. Of these, a few notes are Jiat Kunda, Mankalir Dhap, Parasuramer Basgriha, Bairagir Bhita, Khodar Pathor Bhita, and Munir Gaon.

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