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Representing Beautiful Bangladesh

Sajek Rangamati

Bangladesh has some attractive destinations. We are here to show you the best destinations at a glance.

Keep your eyes on our website blog, and you will find the photos and descriptions of different tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Before you start your tour plan and get a clear concept about the goals, you are at the right place. 

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Beautiful Bangladesh

Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh

About Turbd.com

Turbd.com is the place to discover the incredible beauty in the tourism destinations of Bangladesh. It will help for those travelling to a different destination in Bangladesh. Our goal is to provide clear guidance and relevant information that will assist tourists planning to visit Bangladesh. Encouraging and promoting tourism to Bangladesh is not only helping the economy a lot but helping to unite the different ethnic people in the world.

Dhaka Division

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. You will find some gorgeous artificial attractions at Dhaka.

Chittagong Division

Chittagong is the holy land of 12 saints. It is enriched in natural beauty as well as the largest Port City of Bangladesh.

Khulna Division

Khulna is situated on the bank of Rupsha and Bhairav river.  A large part of the Sundarbans, world largest mangrove forest is located in Khulna.

Barisal Division

Barisal is located in the south-central part of Bangladesh. Barisal is surrounded by a large number of rivers.

Sylhet Division

Sylhet is bordered by the Indian states of Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura to the north. Sylhet city is situated on the Bank of Surma river.

Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi is located on the north bank of the Padma River and it is affluent of Mangos and other fruits.

Rangpur Division

Rangpur Division is not the newest tourist hotspot. There are many attractions and British-era constrictions is available in Rangpur.

Mymensingh Division

Mymensingh is is located on the Brahmaputra River it is renowned for educational institutions,  Rivers, and the beauty of green paddy.


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Is the Beauty of Bangladesh Push You to Visit the Country?

Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. Coasts and beaches, rivers, archaeological attractions, religious places, hill tracts, forests, waterfalls, tea gardens is surround by Bangladesh. The Sundarban, The Shat Gambuj Mosque in Bagerhat, Ruins of the Buddihist Vihara at Paharpur are the three world heritage sites declared by UNESCO in Bangladesh among 1007. To observe the beauty of natural attractions, every year a huge number of domestic and foreign tourists visit Bangladesh.

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Top ten Tourist attractions in Rangpur

Top ten Tourist attractions in Rangpur

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Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division

Tourist Attractions in Barisal Division

Barisal Division is considered by the branches of the Padma that edge over it to the Bay of Bengal, creating a confusion of waterways. This huge, flat region has little to give in historical monuments, but in many ways, the Barisal division is a typical example of a...

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